In our internally developed program, we have assembled a proprietary portfolio of orally active caspase 1 inhibitors that interrupt the inflammasome pathways and inhibit the production of the potent inflammatory cytokine IL-1β.

Inhibiting IL-1β is a clinically validated approach to treating inflammatory diseases, with several injectable biologic products directly blocking IL-1β already on the market. Excess IL-1β has been linked to a variety of diseases including autoinflammatory diseases, cancer, liver and other gastrointestinal diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

Caspase 1 occupies a uniquely central position in the inflammasome pathways which drive activation and release of IL-1β. We selected our first internally developed product candidate, CTS-2090, based on its preclinical profile, including its high selectivity for inhibiting caspase 1, and its drug-like properties.

We may further expand our pipeline with additional internally developed product candidates or in-licensed or acquired product candidates.