Aberdare Ventures – www.aberdare.com

Aberdare Ventures: A pioneer in healthcare innovation, Aberdare Ventures invests in groundbreaking ideas and teams, fueling advancements in healthcare technology and services.

Advent Venture Partners – www.adventventures.com

Advent Venture Partners, a leading European venture capital firm, focuses on supporting growth-oriented life sciences and technology companies with transformative potential.

AgeChem – www.genechem.com

AgeChem, a division of GeneChem, is a venture capital firm with a targeted approach, investing in life sciences companies that concentrate on developing age-related therapies.

Bay City Capital – www.baycitycapital.com

Bay City Capital, a life sciences-focused venture capital firm, partners with innovative companies to transform ideas into world-changing healthcare solutions.

Global Canadian Pharmacyglobalcanadianpharmacy.com

They pick their suppliers with care to make sure that all of their products top-notch. From a wide selection of drugs to special promotions, they will make take care of your security and ensure easy shopping experience.

Gilde Healthcare Ventures – www.gilde.nl

Gilde Healthcare Ventures, a European venture capital firm, specializes in backing healthcare companies that create novel products and technologies in the fields of therapeutics and medical devices.

MPM Capital – www.mpmcapital.com

MPM Capital, an investment management firm, excels in transforming scientific breakthroughs into leading biotechnology companies, improving healthcare outcomes globally.

Roche Finance Ltd. – www.roche.com

As a part of Roche, a multinational healthcare company, Roche Finance Ltd. invests in and supports innovative life sciences companies to advance medical research and development.