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Workplace Development, Diversity, and Inclusion (WDDI)

Conatus has committed itself to fostering workplace development, diversity, and inclusion (WDDI) at Conatus and across the biotechnology industry. We are dedicated to being at the forefront of efforts to develop a diverse and talented global workforce. To that end, we affirmatively support the following WDDI Principles adopted by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), and pledge to do our part to foster diversity and inclusion among our employees, customers, and patients.

The WDDI principles are as follows:

  1. BIO considers diversity to be essential to the success of the biotechnology industry and commits itself to, and encourages the industry to follow, these Principles in workforce development, diversity and inclusion:
  2. BIO believes that our members’ products and services should be intended to address the needs of a diverse population.
  3. BIO believes that diversity in all aspects of business operations will optimize the continued growth and success of the biotechnology industry.
  4. BIO will champion workforce development, diversity and inclusion as a way to attract, develop and retain the employee talent pool within the globally competitive biotechnology industry.
  5. BIO will lead by example and be outward-facing in our diversity efforts and will incorporate diversity and inclusion into all aspects of BIO operations, in communications and membership engagement, at BIO events through programming and education and in the composition of the Board of Directors and its committee.
  6. BIO will engage with external partners to broaden the reach and incorporation of diversity throughout the biotechnology ecosystem.

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