Currently, there is a fairly large number of effective methods of erectile dysfunction (ED) drug treatment. Most doctors begin treatment with the prescription of oral tablets, with insufficient effectiveness of which injections or vacuum devices are prescribed. Combination treatment is also possible. You can restore the health of the reproductive systems by taking the natural drug Kamagra.

This medication is used to restore male function that is responsible for a hard penis necessary to have a normal sexual life. Young men aged 18-30 do not have to wait for serious erection issues and can buy Kamagra and take it as needed. For example, in stressful situations and after heavy physical exertion.

Usage and dosage recommendations

The dose of the drug is selected by gradually increasing the average dose, starting with 50 mg, followed by a dose change (either cut it in half or double), depending on the tolerability and effectiveness. Kamagra should be turned to only when you feel you will need that extra lift, allowing approximately 1 hour for the drug to be ready to do its job.

Unless you want to put your body at risk, it is not advised to swallow this pill more than once a day no matter how tempting it can be. To avoid complications, follow a medical specialist’s instructions and recommendations and use Kamagra strictly as directed by your doctor!

The action of the drug begins 40-60 minutes after administration and lasts for 3-6 hours. Once the 60-minute timer has ticked off, you can try to see if the physical or visual stimulation triggers the natural erection process.

Although Sildenafil is typically rapidly absorbed, this process slows down with the intake of food with an average lengthening of T max up to 60 minutes and an average decrease in C max by 29%.

Unfortunately for many men, this magic pill cannot be combined with alcoholic beverages. It is also necessary to avoid overeating and limit the use of citrus fruits, especially grapefruit. This contributes to an increase in the level of Sildenafil citrate in the body, which negatively affects the effect of the drug.

How Kamagra works

The onset of an erection is associated with complex successive reactions in the body, starting with signals from the nervous system that sends chemical messengers into the tissue of the male organ. One such chemical messenger is called cyclic GMP, which triggers the relaxation of the muscle layer of the vessel wall. This means that the blood has no restrictions on its way to the reproductive organs, ultimately leading to an erection.

Cyclic GMP is broken down by an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5. Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Kamagra, inhibits the action of this enzyme. Sildenafil enhances the action of chemical messengers that are responsible for the onset of an erection, the presence of these messengers is necessary for the drug to work. Therefore, sexual desire is necessary for the onset and maintenance of an erection.

Kamagra types

The most common form of Kamagra is the familiar blue pills. However, some men prefer to use other types of this medication. There is a chewable tablet as well as a stronger version of Kamagra that has Dapoxetine in addition to Sildenafil. The additional ingredient allows men to have better control over ejaculation. After all, premature ejaculation often goes hand in hand with erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra Oral Jelly is sold in the form of a gel. The features of the product are its pleasant taste and a wide variety of fruit flavors. Thanks to its jelly-like form, Oral Jelly dissolves effectively and quickly in the body and acts much faster than analogs, which allows you to take the drug immediately before sexual intercourse and not several hours before it.

Side effects

Medications and their possible side effects can affect individuals differently. The most common side effects of using the Kamagra jellies or pills were headaches and “hot flashes”. Dizziness, stuffy nose, and indigestion happen in 1-10% of cases. The more severe symptoms happen much less frequently but if they do, one can feel pain in the chest, muscle pain, sleepiness or tiredness, dry mouth, etc.

Usually, the side effects of the drug are mild or moderate and are temporary. Their strength typically depended on how much of the active substance the individual has taken.

Kamagra does not affect visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, intraocular pressure, or pupil diameter. The drug at a dose of 100 mg does not affect the motor activity or morphology of sperm when it is taken once.

Cost in the USA and Canada

The cost of Kamagra at a dosage of 50mg and 100mg is about on par in the USA and Canada. One would have to pay around $1 per pill or $30 for a monthly supply of 100mg Kamagra pills. As many know, there is also a more tasty variety – the jellies.

The average price one should expect to pay for 30 Kamagra Oral Jelly pouches with a 100 mg dosage would be $150 in the United States. Although the prices in Canada are typically significantly lower, in the case of Kamagra, they are about on par.

Nonetheless, as one might expect, the prices vary greatly from pharmacy to pharmacy and the pricing given above is based on the average price in online pharmacies. Physical pharmacies are likely to have additional costs that would be added to the price. Thus, if you would like to cut costs on your pills, you should look into online pharmacies and consider buying large quantities as the price per pill will go down.


When using the drug Sildenafil in doses exceeding the recommended, adverse events were similar to those noted above but usually more common. The treatment consists of symptomatic therapy. Hemodialysis does not accelerate the clearance of this substance because the latter actively binds to plasma proteins and is not excreted by the kidneys. In healthy elderly volunteers, there was a decrease in the clearance of sildenafil, so this should be taken into account to avoid overdosing.

Contraindications and precautions

First of all, Kamagra is not intended for use in children and adolescents under the age of 18 as well as women. It is contraindicated for men who are taking nitrates, individuals with hypo- or hypertension, severe liver insufficiency, and retinopathy pigmentosa.

Be sure to consult a specialist before taking the drug if you have the following health problems:

  • heart failure
  • cardiac ischemia
  • heart attack
  • angina
  • stroke
  • aortic stenosis
  • anemia
  • HIV
  • Parkinson’s disease.

Since the excretion of the active substance is impaired in people with liver damage (in particular, with cirrhosis), the dose of Kamagra should be reduced to 25 mg. Individuals with mild to moderate renal failure do not have to make special adjustments to the amount of Kamagra they use. However, if the case is severe, the dose of Sildenafil should be reduced to 25 mg.

The drug may cause dizziness and blurred vision. Thus, the individual needs to make sure that they do not have this unwanted effect before they want to drive after taking the drug. If you do feel dizzy after taking this drug, you should lie down for a while until the symptom disappears.

If you stay hard for more than four hours and can do nothing about it, this is a sign of priapism. You should immediately contact the emergency to prevent irreversible damage to your male organ.

Does Kamagra make you last longer and increase your sex drive?

Although many men are disappointed by the fact that this blue pill is not as almighty as they thought it is, Kamagra is still effective when it comes to the purpose it was created for.  The clinical effectiveness of Sildenafil, the active substance, has been evaluated in numerous studies conducted around the world.

It showed to improve erection in over 75% of the users. Its effectiveness increased as the dosage went higher. Yet, even a low dose of 25 mg showed a 65% effectiveness. The difference in effectiveness between younger and relatively older men was very minimal.

Individuals who are looking for medications that can help them have longer intercourse or find that they have a hard time getting aroused should look into afro zodiacs and get evaluated for premature ejaculation, which is treated using different medications.

Differences between Kamagra and Viagra

Both are based on the action of Sildenafil. For this reason, Kamagra is often seen as an alternative to Viagra, which has millions of satisfied users around the world. Initially, the pharmacological concern Pfizer acted as the sole owner of the rights to produce tablets according to the Viagra formula.

When the license expired, everyone could start releasing the drug according to the original formula. Therefore, Viagra with the corresponding Pfizer logo now has a number of analogs.

The difference between Viagra and Kamagra is minimal since the drugs are developed within a single formula. At the same time, Kamagra is cheaper because customers do not have to pay for the well-known Pfizer brand.


The effectiveness of Kamagra and other medications with the same active ingredients has been tested multiple times by various centers across the globe. The studies found that this substance was a great discovery as it does an exceptional job at improving erectile function no matter what the age of the individual is.

The reason behind this health issue, its severity, time the individual has been suffering also had no effect on the effectiveness of the medication. Moreover, the results showed that there was a long-term benefit of using Kamagra.

Besides improving both arterial and venous blood flow in the penis, Kamagra has also shown good results in dealing with vasculogenic ED. Thanks to the use of this medication, there is an improvement in cavernous electrical activity, which justifies its use in neurogenic ED cases. No matter if the individual was using it only for a short period of time or long term, they did not build up an addiction or even dependence on the drug.