Often men have to deal with situations in which the satisfaction of oneself and a partner becomes a real problem. For such issues, there is a distinct name – erectile dysfunction, which indicates a significant weakening of the natural erection. In most cases, a person who has a problem can no longer lead a normal sexual life. He has to look for ways to remedy the situation.

Pharmaceutical companies offer many effective drugs, among which Avanafil continues to occupy one of the leading positions. Leading American pharmacists developed this innovative drug that improved male function in early 2010. After numerous tests, it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and became available on the market, quickly spreading across the globe.

In the shortest possible time, the drug is able to save its user from problems that affect various aspects of his life. In this article, we will take a closer look at the principle of action and duration of Avanafil tablets, as well as the duration of the treatment course and possible side effects.

Pharmacological action of the drug

The active ingredient in Avanafil tablets is the phosphodiesterase inhibitor under the same name, Avanafil. After the inhibitor dissolves in the blood, it stimulates the relaxation of smooth muscles, which allows the cavernous bodies of the genital organs to fill with blood.

Thanks to a simple and effective mechanism of action on the body, individuals quickly get a hard, stable erection. It is worth noting that the drug not only has a positive effect on the body but also works only with stimulation.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, this is a great advantage of this drug as no one would want to have a random erection after taking a pill. Instead, the whole process can be as natural as possible, starting with foreplay and leading to an erection and exceptional sex. In fact, many men can choose to take the pill without disclosing the fact to their partner.

Stendra vs. Avanafil

If you’ve ever looked up information on Avanafil, you may have noticed that “Stendra” has been substituted for Avanafil or vice versa in some articles, videos, and other materials. Avanafil, despite appearing to be a different medication, is merely Stendra’s active component. Stendra is currently only available under the brand name. The chemical name is Avanafil, but the drug is not yet available as Avanafil, only under the brand name Stendra.

Is Stendra more effective than Viagra?

Like all the drugs approved by the ADA and other similar organizations, Stendra (Avanafil) had to goth through numerous tests and trials. During these, the substance showed to be very similar in effectiveness when it comes to Viagra. Both drugs are well tolerated.

One study noted that Stendra might have a hard time getting its market share due to being only available as a brand name and comparably high prices. Viagra, for instance, seems to be a lot more well-known thanks to its longer time on the market. Nonetheless, every individual is different and some might find that Avanafil is a much better choice for them.


Why do many men choose Stendra over other medications? Well, there are a few reasons for that.

  • The effect comes very quickly – 15 minutes after ingestion;
  • Long action — 6 hours;
  • Can be combined with fatty foods and alcohol;
  • Suppresses self-doubt and fear of sexual intimacy;
  • Has no age restrictions, besides not being intended for children under 18;
  • Quickly excreted from the body;
  • Can be taken by hypotensive patients.

Dosage and usage

The medicine is an effective help for the symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction but does not relieve the causes of genital problems. It also does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, prostatitis, and other diseases of the urogenital area. However, the medication may be prescribed for Raynaud’s phenomenon.

The release form of Avanafil is currently limited to tablets. Each individual tablet is distinguished by a beige shell and has an oval shape. Depending on the dosage, tablets can have a mass of 50, 100,  and 200 mg. The daily intake of the drug does not exceed 200 mg. One should not adjust the dose up if they have abnormalities in the functioning of the kidneys or liver.

Doctors limit the intake to one tablet per day and the maximum dosage is determined by the prescription of medical specialists. The tablet is enough to swallow. For convenience, it should be washed down with water. This substance starts working within 15 minutes of taking it. Its action is not suppressed by alcohol or food and lasts 6-7 hours, which is more than enough for an enjoyable sexual activity. It is important to note that after the completion of the sexual act, the blood supply returns to normal. If this does not happen for four or more hours, one should immediately seek medical help.

How do you know if Avanafil has worked? After taking the drug, just 15 minutes should pass, which will allow you to get a powerful erection, as well as go into an excited state, in which the desire for sex increases many times over. This suggests that the drug had an effect, and the man is able to have intercourse.


Avanafil is not intended for use in women. Avanafil should not be used in any form or dosage if the person:

  • suffers from cardiovascular diseases;
  • has intolerance to the components that make up the product;
  • faces severe disorders in the functioning of the renal system;
  • suffers from priapism;
  • has a curvature of the penis of various forms;
  • takes drugs that act as nitrogen donators, nitrate drugs.

Side effects

Besides the advantages mentioned earlier, Avanafil has virtually no side effects. Fundamentally new technologies have allowed the creators of the drug to reduce the incidence of such effects to 1%.

Basically, undesired reactions of Avanafil in the body that one has more likelihood of having include headache, flushing of the skin, and nasal congestion. The less frequent symptoms would be dizziness, drowsiness, sinus headache, blurred vision, palpitations, hot flashes, swelling of the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses, shortness of breath on exertion, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, back pain, muscle tension, and increased fatigue.


Overdose or misuse of Avanafil tablets can negatively affect not only the functioning of the genitourinary system but also cause a deterioration in general well-being and poisoning of the body.

In cases where the dose taken exceeds the base dose, one or several unpleasant effects are sometimes observed, such as convulsions, rash on the skin, general loss of vigor, tachycardia, fainting, nose bleeding, vomiting, redness of the eyeballs, and painful erection.

in cases of overdose, standard symptomatic therapy should be carried out as necessary. It is likely that renal dialysis will not accelerate the clearance of this medical substance because it is highly bound to plasma proteins and is mainly excreted through feces.


When considering the price of Avanafil (Stendra), men should keep in mind that it is a brand-name medication. As such, it is not going to be cheap. The average price for thirty 100mg and 200mg tablets in the United States is around $2,000. In Canada, you will pay around $400 for the same number of Stendra pills. Such pricing difference is one of the reasons individuals try to order their medications from Canada instead of buying locally in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

A man who is faced with the problem of a soft erection or complete lack of it should take timely measures to correct the situation. At the same time, he should study in detail all aspects of taking drugs in order to find the best option for himself. The following questions are often raised when one plans to take Avanafil.

Can Avanafil harm men over 60?

Avanafil-based products can be used by people up to and including 65 years of age. If the patient’s age exceeds the specified limit, then the treatment can only be made after consultation with a medical specialist. After this age, there are more cases when a person has contraindications that do not allow using the remedy.

How much does Avanafil cost the US and Canada?

It is difficult to answer this question since various retail stores set their own pricing policy. To determine the cost of drugs, you should use different websites that offer their services to customers in the specified region as well as look into the option of ordering your drug from abroad if you live in the US. Many Canadian pharmacies offer much more affordable prices.

Can girls take Avanafil?

No. The drug is designed specifically for use by male patients. For the needs of women, there are separate drugs, e.g. Women’s Viagra. They are typically taken for arousal before sex.

Can I split an Avanafil tablet?

Yes, splitting the tablet before taking it is possible. This is especially worth doing in the case when the use of tablets occurs for the first time, and the male body has not yet had time to adapt to the effects of the drug.

Can Avanafil prevent ED issues?

This remedy can help to cope with such disorders, but it should be used only after consulting a specialist. If the erection is in a normal state, then the remedy should be used no more than 3 times a week.

Does Avanafil affect fertility?

Test with healthy volunteers showed that Avanafil in doses of up to 200 mg had no effect on sperm motility and morphology. At present, there are no data on the effect of this substance on spermatogenesis in healthy adult men and adult men with mild erectile dysfunction.

Can I drive after taking Avanafil?

Influence on the ability to drive vehicles and engage in other potentially hazardous activities is another important topic. Avanafil has minimal impact on the ability to drive vehicles and engage in other potentially hazardous activities. Nonetheless, since dizziness and visual disturbances have been reported in clinical studies, individuals should first evaluate their personal response to this medication before driving or operating machinery.